Keeping the Same Schemas Across all Databases and List of Servers


Each time I select a Database I need to pick which Schemas I want to use, so when having a list of servers I need to choose the Database and then pick the schemas. Each Database has 50-70 schemas and I am looking for an easier way to have a default list of schemas that I can set up in a configuration file or something similar I can do within the Datagrip software itself. Is there a way to have a list of schemas configuration file that should be picked up and linked to all Databases without the need of ticking the boxes to choose them manually?


Hello, Ahmed Saleh


In DataGrip, you can define a list of default schemas that should be automatically picked up and linked to all databases. Here's how you can achieve this:

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Open DataGrip and go to the "Database" menu.
Select "Data Sources and Drivers" (or press Ctrl+Alt+S) to open the Data Sources and Drivers settings.
In the left pane, select the data source that corresponds to your database server.
In the right pane, go to the "Schemas" tab.
Enable the option "Schemas to show" if it's not already enabled.
Click on the "..." button next to the "Schemas to show" field to open the schema selection dialog.
In the schema selection dialog, you can manually select the schemas that should be shown for the selected database. Tick the checkboxes for the schemas you want to include.
To make these schemas the default for all databases, click the "Save as default for all data sources" button.
Click "OK" to close the schema selection dialog.
Click "OK" to save the data source configuration.

By following these steps, the selected schemas will be automatically linked to all databases associated with the data source. You won't need to manually tick the checkboxes each time you select a database.

Note: This configuration is specific to each data source, so you'll need to repeat these steps for each data source if you have multiple database servers.

By defining a default list of schemas, you can streamline your workflow and avoid the manual selection of schemas for each database you work with in DataGrip.


Thanks for explaining. 


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