Is there a complaint channel?


My plugin is being treated unfairly. I need to complain. Is there any complaint channel?



What do you mean by "treaded unfairly"?


   The thing is, there is a version of my plug-in that imitates part of your company's code, and your marketing department notified me of the change, and I will continue to correct and release it in the new version, but your colleague has set my plug-in to be unsearchable, and also put The new version has not been approved. I will communicate with your colleagues. I asked about how long it will take to get a result, because my plug-in has been greatly affected by this incident. Your colleague replied, I am not sure about this, that’s it It has been more than half a month to review a plugin, and the result is still uncertain. Isn’t it easy to see whether the illegal content has been removed in the plugin? Why is it so uncertain, and not every version of my plugin If there is a problem, only those few are used, and there is nothing else, and I immediately removed it. Now I don’t know when my plug-in will be normal



By using the code that is a proprietary component owned by JetBrains, you have violated the Marketplace Developer Agreement:

You confirm that you own all the Intellectual Property Rights related to your Plugins necessary in order for you to provide your Plugins to JetBrains for distribution on JetBrains Marketplace

In addition to violation of the agreement, this code is licensed under. Making your plugin hidden during the review process seems like an easy consequence considering the situation. We appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter! Once we complete the review, we will inform you right away! 


It has been corrected according to your request. You have been dragging it. It is easy to see if there is any violation in the new version. There is no code using JetBrains. You will directly give a fixed time for review. This is unreasonable. What? There must be a deadline, it is impossible to wait forever, then this plug-in will basically die


Is this the method of friendly negotiation you mentioned before to solve the problem? Plug-ins are blocked directly, and new versions are not reviewed. Do you want to consume this plug-in?
And the code you mentioned that is violated is very important code? The rmi service is open source, but it was in a hurry to go online at the time, and I used your wording method, but this technology is open source, not your proprietary


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