Use java in phpstorm plugin


Developing plugin for PhpStorm. I need to use JavaStackFrame at it (com.intellij.debugger.engine.JavaStackFrame).
Looks like I need to add '<depends></depends>' into plugin.xml and 'plugins.set(listOf("java"))' into build.gradle.kts.

For the debug plugin I configure gradle for launch local phpStorm application. But there is error "Cannot find builtin plugin 'java' for IDE"

How can I add java functionality into my plugin? Or any other solutions how to use JavaStackFrame class in my plugin?

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It doesn't sound like a good approach. PhpStorm doesn't bundle the Java plugin, and the plugin cannot be downloaded by users in IDE.

Why do you think you need to use JavaStackFrame? If it provides something you need to display in your debugger in PhpStorm, then try to find a similar class in PHP API, or implement it in your plugin.


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