Handle Error in an IntelliJ plugin using IntelliJ Platform plugin SDK


I'm currently working on an IntelliJ plugin using the IntelliJ Platform plugin SDK. I wanted to update the content of a pane each time an error is detected by the IDE.

I have currently put in place a custom ToolWindowFactory which create a ToolWindowContent with my pane.

class MyWindowTools : ToolWindowFactory {

    private var imageLabel = JLabel()
    private var panel = JPanel()

    override fun createToolWindowContent(project: Project, toolWindow: ToolWindow) {
        // Set up the panel
        toolWindow.contentManager.addContent(toolWindow.contentManager.factory.createContent(panel, "", false))


From what I could see, it would be possible to use an PsiTreeChangeListener to detect once a PsiErrorElement is added/updated to the PsiTree. But that seems a bit abstract to me at the moment and I don't see how to proceed.

Otherwise another solution could be to retrieve the content of the IntelliJ Problems tab. But I didn't see anything related to that in the provided documentation.

What is the appropriate way to handle error ? And how can I proceed ?


There is no one who can help me ?


What is your use case, why duplicate existing functionality from Problems toolwindow?


Hi Yann,

I just want to build a fun plugin that displays a pane of an animated bird that I drew. I want this bird to react to written code. For example, the bird may make a funny face if an error has occurred in the file I am currently working on.

That's why I didn't want to duplicate anythings, just get the result of this toolWindow.


The Problems View Tab does not expose in any its information. It seems the only way would be to replicate/reimplement the functionality in your code, see com.intellij.analysis.problemsView.toolWindow.HighlightingWatcher and related code.


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