Optional dependency on bazel plugin


Hi, I am developing a plugin that builds the project for user in case a feature is invoked. For gradle/maven, I am using ProjectTaskManager to get a module build task, and then I run it like this


Now, my code is doing nothing in case there's a bazel project. So, I wanted to add a dependency on bazel for intelliJ plugin - https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/8609-bazel-for-intellij on my plugin.

But this dependency is optional, as there's no need for it in case its a gradle/maven project. 

So, in my build.gradle I have added this

intellij {
// Plugin Dependencies. Uses `platformPlugins` property from the gradle.properties file.
plugins.set(listOf("com.google.idea.bazel.ijwb:2023.") + properties("platformPlugins").split(',').map(String::trim).filter(String::isNotEmpty))

And in my plugin.xml, I have added this - 

<depends optional="true" config-file="">com.google.idea.bazel.ijwb</depends>

Since, I am not implementing any extension points, I wasn't sure what to put in the config-file, so I just put empty string, and it passed, but I am not really sure what it does.

And after building, I am able to import classes from the bazel plugin into my code. 

Basically I am doing these 2 calls from my plugin in case its a bazel project

.incrementalProjectSync( /* reason= */"IncrementalSyncProjectAction")

After this when I run buildPlugin for my plugin, it passes. But when I execute the flow that is responsible for the calls above, it throws NoClassDefFoundError. 

Any suggestions on how to achieve this functionality?



What is the exact NoClassDefFoundError? What is the stacktrace?


The NoClassDefFoundError is for these class


I got it resolved by just creating an empty optionalConfig file and pointing the config-file parameter to that.


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