DDL Data Source Always Has Differences



I'm evaluating DataGrip.  For the most part it's an improvement on SSMS.  I'm looking to evaluate source control.  So I'm building and comparing DDL Data Sources to my source database.

After dumping my DB to my DDL Data Source, when I immediately compare after, there are still 100s of differences.

One instance is a calculated column.  It doesn't seem to write the DDL file out correctly.

It doesn't matter how many times I apply it.

Also there are also a number of triggers it just won't out put.

It shows difference on permission grants.  But excludes them from the DDL file, so they keep appearing in the compare.

It's making it unusable as a comparison tool for Source Code management.

Any suggestsion?



Am I got you right that you compare original datasource with DDL Data Sources?


Yes.  I create a new DDL Data Source from a database.  Then immediately compare it and there are dozens of differences.


Could you please check if "SQL Scripts -> Generate DDL..." produces the same broken DDL? 


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