Is there any way to see what's going on when PHPStorm has laggy or jittery scrolling in files?

I'm so tired of this happening randomly, I've tried multiple solutions which worked at the time, but at this point when it happens again, I basically have to go down a list of guesses to see what will fix it...

What I'd like instead is something to look at to see what's going on when it's happening.

The current way of trying a list of guesses recommended online is incredibly inefficient. I need something to trace what's going on.

Are there certain places in the Mac OS or PHPStorm or something else to go and view what could be happening?

I look at Activity Monitor and everything looks normal. I've been told to disable some sort of Metal virtualization thing, which fixed the last scroll lag. Now I can't tell what's going on, and going down the list of guesses isn't fixing it yet. Scrolling in only PHPStorm files is just intermittently laggy/jittery to now an incredibly frustrating degree.

I need to now what to click to go look at to see what's going on.

Otherwise, post a list of things to check or try to at least formalize troubleshooting when it happens again. This is so frustrating.

PS: I'm using version 2023.1. I see that there's an update, but I haven't updated in a while, so the previous update is not likely to have caused the problem. This just started happening again today, and I have zero visibility onto why.


Oh, the only thing I can think of that's changed significantly is that I enabled shared indexing. That's worked fine for days, so... I can't just say that's the problem. I can try turning it off again, but... has anyone else found that scroll lag has happened while that's on?


I'm now on version 2023.1.2, and the scrolling issues are back. I just can't get good consistent scrolling in files now. This is supremely frustrating. I have VM Metal whatever disabled. Now what? Re-enable it? What else?

Do we need to buy an M2 Mac to get PHPStorm files to scroll normally like every other app I use?


The reason you don't see any consistent steps to troubleshoot this online is because there are none - when you don't see any load in Activity Monitor, the lags happen on the OS rendering level, which you cannot debug. Nor can we, for what it's worth.

How many displays do you have? If more than one, does it help to leave only one connected?

If it does, please try enabling macOS System Settings | Desktop & Dock | Mission Control | Displays have separate spaces.


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