Suppress Error (not inspection) in SCSS

Hello! How can I suppress this error?

It's not an inspection, and turning off highlighting for the file does not help.

This is valid SCSS and compiles just fine.



It's a new addition to CSS: Google reports full browser support but only as of the very latest versions, so I guess JetBrains just hasn't caught up yet.

I thought I was getting the error because of SCSS interpolation, but it's showing up anywhere I use 'of'. So I suppose I will just have to wait (:


Could you clarify what is of here? Can't find it in the spec

This is a syntax error, changing the highlighting level to None and re-opening the file is the only way to suppress it

Thank you!
The issue is indeed specific to using interpolations; submitted to developers as, please vote for it to get notified on any progress

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