Troubleshooting kotlin containers


Is there a method for venturing into a capability in an imported container in kotlin?

Setting: a venture utilizes various container records, while launching an imported item and calling one of its techniques the debugger can't go the execution of said strategy (the item is an example of a class carrying out at least one connection points).

In intellij thought (2023, eap), Ctrl + left click goes to the (kotlin) interface and not the execution. While clicking decompile class to java, java code is delivered yet it's pointless in that it can't be ventured into at runtime.

The task from which the container was constructed is accessible; but the branch/commit from which it was created isn't (there are a few branches and a ton of forsaken code). Illegal Pickleball Paddles

Serialization and reflection strike a chord yet is there a more helpful way?

Can you explain the problem more? Code examples and steps to reproduce would be helpful.

Attach the source code to the JAR in IntelliJ IDEA. This allows you to step into the methods during debugging. If you're unsure of the branch/commit, you might need to check out various versions until you find the correct implementation. In short: To step into the execution of a method in an imported JAR in Kotlin using IntelliJ IDEA, you need to attach the source code of that JAR. If the exact branch/commit is unknown, some trial and error might be required with different versions.   My THDHR


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