Issue when dumping to DDL Data Source

Hi all -- I have a postgres database with the timescaledb extension installed and I'm having trouble dumping it to a DDL data source. I get through part of the dump, but after a while datagrip gives this notification:

Illegal char *> at index 13: pg_catalog\!~*.sql

I'm trying to dump all schemas on a database. Postgres version is 14 and timescale version is 2.7.2


Hi Johnmarinelliwriting, are you receiving this error when dumping schemas with SQL dump in DataGrip? Does it work when dumping data with SQL dump for the same database from the command line?


Hello, Johnmarinelliwriting

The error message you received indicates that there is an illegal character (*>) at index 13 in the file name pg_catalog\!~*.sql. This issue seems to be related to the dump process in DataGrip, rather than directly with Postgres or the TimescaleDB extension.

I give you some suggestions to help you troubleshoot the problem..

* Check for special characters in file names: Ensure that there are no special characters or illegal characters in the file names or paths for the dump. Characters like *, !, and \ may need to be escaped or removed to avoid conflicts.
* Modify the dump settings: Review the dump settings in DataGrip and make sure that they are configured correctly. Pay attention to any options related to file naming conventions or special characters that might cause conflicts.
* Use a different tool for dumping: If the issue persists, you could try using a different tool or approach to perform the database dump. For example, you can use the pg_dump command-line tool directly or explore other GUI tools such as pgAdmin.
* Update DataGrip: Ensure that you are using the latest version of DataGrip, as newer versions often include bug fixes and improvements. Updating to the latest version might resolve the issue you are facing.
* Check for known issues: Look for any known issues or bug reports related to DataGrip or its integration with Postgres and TimescaleDB. Checking the DataGrip documentation or reaching out to their support or community forums might provide more specific insights into this error. MyAARPMedicare UHC


** Additionally, if you have any specific configuration or customization related to the dump process in DataGrip, double-check those settings to make sure they are correctly set up for your Postgres database with TimescaleDB extension. **


Best regard


Also, why do you need to dump pg_catalog schema? It's an internal one.


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