Copy/Paste as Predicate or Clause action.. How to do it?

I had to get a new machine for work; on my old machine I had set up a way to copy column data and paste it as an IN clause with the values separated.. 

Now I've searched a half hour and cannot find the original article I found which I used to set this up. Can someone help me remember? 

Example: let's say you copy a column NAME with 100 names in it and you want to paste it as "NAME in (name1, name2, name3...)" automatically. 


I mean, with the values comma-separated. So it's just a quick way to paste into SQL statements. 


Oh ok I found it under the Data Extractors tab. 

One thing worth noting is that when you search for "Copy/paste", "Copy as", "paste as" "copy special.." or anything related to what you're trying to do, nothing in the help tab pops up with Data Extractors so I guess it's just harder to find than it could be.


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