PyCharm automatically making unexpected changes in Jupyter Notebook

So I'm developing locally with PyCharm and pushed the notebook project to AWS codecommit repository. I'm also developing remotely using VSCode on AWS EC2 instance on the same project. When I made some changes on the EC2 instance and then pushed the repo to codecommit, and then pulled to my local repo and opened it with PyCharm, there seem to be some encoding changes automatically made by PyCharm. This is the output of git diff even though after pulling to local repo I have not made any edits:


The only difference is "\u001b" is changed to "\u001B". What happened? How to avoid this? It's causing me a lot of touble.



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Hi CyberX,

The issue you mentioned is a regression. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please watch that ticket to be updated on any progress.


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