Reconnect to session

Using the Database plugin in WebStorm: I have a number of sql files mapped as the DDLs to a Postgres database.

Whenever I reopen the IDE, I must manually select the session and choose the schema for every file I continue to work on.

Is there a way to persist the data sources for DDL files? Couldn't find a property to enable this.



How did you mapped your files? Is it via DDL Mapping? If it is, could you share screenshots?


Sure, here are some screenshots.

My issue is this: whenever opening a file that I previously connected to a session, I need to select a session again. It would save tedious work when working with many such sql files if such a session was reconnected, in order to avoid warnings/errors that are just the result of a connection that simply hasn't been reestablished. I understand that might not be desirable for everyone, but an option to reconnect the default data source would be great. (Unless I've been doing something wrong here...)


I have the same requirement. In a recent previous version this was the behavior I think


Bernd Matzner

We have a feature request to leverage custom search path and, thereby, attach SQL files to certain scopes in advance

Please feel free to upvote so it can get more attention.


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