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I submitted a ticket this past Sunday at 20:36 and it is Wed and there is no solution for my ticket. Not sure if it was forgotten? I have been answering questions as soon as they come in, but the process is very slow because they ask for one piece of data after another and each one takes 24 hours before the next question comes in. So over 24 hours ago was the single question for my hosts file contents. I gave the answer 24 hours ago and have not heard anything since. I would suggest that at a certain point you do something to make the question / response turnaround a bit faster as this will take weeks at this rate. At least let me know that you got the info you asked for. The failure condition is quite clear and the logs have been submitted days ago. I am sure you are all doing your best but I think there is a better turnaround time possible here? The ID is Request #5235388.

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Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the delay. It takes time to find ways for further investigation since it cannot be reproduced on our side.

I've answered and shared further steps in our ticket.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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