Remote debugging file mapping


I do linux development on my mac.   I run a linux VM using VMWare Fusion.   I keep my source code on my mac's file system and use the Fusion's sharing feature to mount the source to the linux VM.  This way I can access my source code even if I don't bring up the VM.  When I build I can just run make from the VM in the mounted file system.

I have watched a remote development video for CLion and it had several approaches, but none quite like what I do.   It seems the remote build wants to copy all the source to the remote machine (a VM in my case), but I don't want to do this.  I just want to let CLion know how to map VM folder and just run make there.

Does CLion have the ability to do this?

BTW, I am new to CLion - I am evaluating it to see if it fits in my workflow.

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If you already have the sources on the remote host, you can change the Deployment path to the corresponding folder -


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