PHPDoc for Microsoft SQL Server

What is the PHPDoc to specify the Microsoft SQL Server dialect using @lang? I have this working for Postgres, Oracle, and Snowflake, but I don't know what the MS SQL one is or it's just SQL and it's not working:



Hi there,

Language ID should be TSQL.


P.S. SQL Language ID injects current dialect for the project (or when specified, for the folder/file). If that file uses only one specific dialect then you can try specifying it at "Settings/Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | SQL Dialects" and keep using SQL as the Language ID.



Yes, we Global set to Oracle as that is our primary, but our projects also use Snowflake, Hadoop, and SQL Server and change dialects in the same file (moving data from one DB to another).


Also, yes, TSQL worked.


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