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I'm working on an Angular project that uses a custom component library that's installed through NPM.  The components from that NPM package are build with Stencil (a webcomponent library). Build on top of those the other team build a Angular wrapper on top of these Stencil webcomponents. This is a private package, so I can't provide any more details surrounding that package. 

In Visual Studio Code it does recognize these components but in Webstorm I don't get any Intellisense. I get a warning that it's a unkown HTML tag. 

All the components work and are loaded in the project. I would love to have Intellisense for these components since I'll need them all the time. Is there something I have to configure? I have found an article in the documentation of Jetbrains that explains on how to add one yourself under Editor > Inspections and then HTML > Unknown tag but since there are a lot of components (and it still doesn't know the attributes etc. from that component), this is not a viable solution for me.

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recognizing such components requires providing special support for
StencilJS; please vote for https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-44918/Stencil-Support to get notified on any progress with this feature
Custom Web Components are not supported as well (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-49361/Support-Custom-Web-Components)

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