Add specific files to prettier glob pattern


I have a manual prettier configuration for these files: 


This work fine but leaves out some files like .prettierrc. I also want these kind of (hidden) files to be formatted with prettier. 

So I had all kind of variations like: 

{**/*,*}.{js,ts,jsx,tsx,vue,astro,json, prettierrc}
{**/*,*}.{js,ts,jsx,tsx,vue,astro,json}, .prettierrc
{**/*,*}.{js,ts,jsx,tsx,vue,astro,json}, prettierrc
'{**/*,*}.{js,ts,jsx,tsx,vue,astro,json}', 'prettierrc'
{**/*,*}.{js,ts,jsx,tsx,vue,astro,json}, '.prettierrc

however, these patterns seems to be illegal because after I changed the settings, none of the formatting worked anymore as expected. 

What is the correct glob pattern to use? 



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There is no way to do this currently, please vote for WEB-52968 to get notified on any progress with this request


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