background color for blade directives has changed

After the update to 2023.1.4 i'got a problem. The background color for the blade directives overflows the directive and spans until the next line of code. you can see the difference in the attached screenshots:



After some research i've found that previously the rule applied was coming from:

color scheme -> HTML -> injected language fragment

and now is coming from:

color scheme -> language defaults -> template language

How can i make the bg color not to overflow the blade directives ?


I was looking for this for a long time. Thank you.


Does anyone have an idea of the cause of the issue ?


I checked it on 2022.1.4, and the Template Language property has already been leaking to the next line there, so it's not a new thing.

What isn't clear is why the highlighting is green - it's the default color for Injected Language Fragment and not for Template Langauge.
Here's a screencast from 2023.1.4, could you please capture a similar one following the same steps?

Thank you!


Yes, it's not a new thing, but in my previous version (2022.1) it worked correctly without spamming to the new line.

The highlighting is green and not blue because i've set the background color explicitly to green for blade here:



Here are the requested screens:


The problem is that the background of the template language is spamming on newlines. As you can see It's is annoying when the code is like that:




I think I finally see what is going on here.

Previously, the Blade delimiters' contents were marked with General | Code | Injected Language Fragment.
Additionally, Language Defaults | Template Language was applied to the delimiters themselves and to all the whitespace following them. This is not a new thing and is reproducible even on 2021.3.3 which is older than 2022.1.

It seems that somewhere in the past, we stopped applying Injected Language Fragment, so only the leaking Template Language background is what's left.

I extracted the issue with leaking as WI-73593, thank you for reporting!


Thanks to you for opening the issue !


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