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I am on a Mac and want to hide the top toolbar completely. The top bar which includes the project switcher, run button, MacOSX minimize/expand buttons etc.

I know terminals support this borderless feature such as iTerm and wanted to replicate it in Webstorm if possible. Then I can just use the native shortcuts for expanding and minimising the Webstorm window as needed.


If this is NOT possible, is there a way to remove all the buttons inn the toolbar. I used to be able to do so in the 2022.x.x version's where the MacOSX buttons would only persist and be pushed in the other bars. However, in the latest version, the toolbar will default to its default widget layout when I have removed all buttons.


Is this available for other Operation Systems?


Josh Piper1505 the feature announced for Linux is not about the toolbar with widgets, but about merging it with the OS native window title which was previously shown above our toolbar. 

So far there's no way to hide the newUI toolbar via UI settings on any OS. There's a request for this, please upvote IDEA-303413 and follow it for updates.

the toolbar will default to its default widget layout when I have removed all buttons

After implementing IDEA-302576 there should be only narrowed window title visible after you remove all the widgets from the toolbar Left, Center and Right. Unfortunately at the moment we do not have plans to remove the window title completely in the windowed mode on Mac.

If you still see some widgets in the toolbar after you removed them please share screenshot of the main IDE window and File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars pane with Left, Center and Right expanded under the Main toolbar section. Thank you!



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