WebStorm Project Errors Panel - Constant refresh on every selection


I recently upgraded to the latest version of WebStorm, 2023.2 (and just a couple days ago, 2023.1.4). Since these upgrades, the `Project Errors` tab in the `Problems` panel has become nearly unusable. It appears as though every single selection in this tab causes the list of project errors to refresh. The refresh occurs the moment you click, just once, so if you are double clicking (even if you are very, very fast at it), the file you actually open, is usually not the file you actually first clicked on, as the list updates before the second click. You end up getting a semi-random file, dependent on exactly how the problems list refreshes at that point in time.

The problem can get worse, though...I've encountered numerous occasions where I open a file, but somehow the opened file is somehow linked with the refreshing of the panel...and the file tab starts switching back and forth between two, or maybe more, files. This will continue indefinitely, until you manage to open another file, which can be a challenge while this effective infinite ui loop can interfere with interacting with the project errors list. 

Is there some feature option somewhere, that causes the project errors to refresh on every selection? Or is this just a bug in the behavior of the tab? I've been working through a rather massive project upgrade, and so far (until my recent WebStorm update) this problems list has been invaluable in working through the issues in the project (mostly typescript errors, among some other issues). The last few days its lost almost all of its utility due to this refreshing issue. 


Hello Jon. Could you please share the IDE logs  (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data)  in the comment to this issue Elena created? It's needed to check if any errors related to the problem are reported there. For now, the behavior you described looks to me like a bug. 


Yeah, I'll see if I can get you the logs. We managed to work through most of the errors, although I think we still have some left that should still cause the issue. 


I'm experiencing the same bug. Elena Pogorelova , the link you included above to the issue doesn't work for me. 


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