A disaster for at least 5 months!

Since the last few months, PhpStorm has become completely unstable

  • Linux system freeze
  • Keyboard lost on other applications: you have to close PhpStorm to get your keyboard back

  • Closing PHPStorm leaves processes running and prevents the start-up of a new instance.
    Unstopped processes must be killed to restart the application.
  • Unable to change project, application freezes, interface must be restarted (by killing processes remaining in memory).
  • Directory resource browsing often crashes.
  • Insane power consumption: the machine needs 15Gb of memory to run PHPStorm, and allocating 5GB of memory to PHPStorm alone is not enough to run it for a full working day (4/8 hours).*

What's going on at Jetbrains? It seems to me that instead of developing other products and distracting themselves, it would be better to concentrate on the products that have contributed to the brand's image.

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Hey David,

In general, all performance-related cases are unique and sadly there is no single solution for all scenarios & setups. Do you mind me asking if you have already tried to submit a support ticket or a YouTrack request?


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