CLion 2023.2 locks up the UI while doing analysis of my CMake project


Twice tonight I have had the UI lock-up while it appears to be analysing my CMake project.  The first time I noticed a couple of `clangd.exe` sub-processes in Task Manager before killing CLion, however on the second occasion I walked away from the PC and when I returned CLion had come back to life, so it can recover.

I have never seen CLion lock-up the UI before and I have been using it for a several years.

Here is threadDump-20230727-180342.txt from the threadDumps-freeze-20230727-180342-CL-232.8660.186-WGlobalCursorManager.findHeavyweightUnderCursor-74730sec log directory.


I'm having the same issue almost immediately before launch. It seems that only the UI is blocked, macOS doesn't flag the process as non responsive


It seems that the UI locks up when I hover the mouse pointer over the status bar, in the right area (I have GitHub Copilot and PlatformIO). It's completely unusable.


Andy Duplain the provided thread dump is related to JBR-1538. Feel free to comment or upvote the issue in order to get updates. See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

Ezequiel Falcon please send all the threadDump* folders from the logs directory to clion-support at so that we can take a look. Please also add the link to this thread in the email. Thank you in advance.


Similar issue on Windows. UI frozen. Also, I'm unable to close CLion windows. I can move them around, but the X to close the entire CLion window is not responsive.



Christopher Blum please close the Structure tool window and check if the freeze happens with this tool window closed. If it does, please do Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data and send the resulting archive to clion-support at Note that logs might contain private user information (like file paths and names).


I have the same thing happening here on Windows.  For me, it was happening very reliably (E.g. 9 out of 10 launches) which is very frustrating hence me searching and finding this thread.  I disabled the "Structure Tool" and now 3 out of 3 attempts have launched successfully.  I will submit my logs to clion-support.



Thanks for the logs! It seems you're experiencing regression. The fix will be included in CLion 2023.2.x update which is planning to be released in this week. Please stay tuned and sorry for the inconvenience.


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