How I can get the Stylus files icon for the files templates shared via plugin?


I need the "styl" files icon instead of "?" one for my plugin with files templates:

Although I have found the appropriate icon in the icons list, I don't know how to set it.

I suppose, there is no such icon in com.intellij.icons.AllIcons

class YDF_GUI_ComponentsTemplatesGroupFactory : FileTemplateGroupDescriptorFactory {
override fun getFileTemplatesDescriptor(): FileTemplateGroupDescriptor {

val groupDescriptor = FileTemplateGroupDescriptor("YDF GUI Components", AllIcons.Nodes.Folder)

/* [ Theory ] No ".ft" must be here. */

return groupDescriptor




This icon is present in icons.StylusIcons and you must add a dependency on Stylus plugin (ID: org.jetbrains.plugins.stylus) to use it (


Yann Cebron 

Thank you for answer.

Following the instructions, I have added plugins.set(listOf("org.jetbrains.plugins.stylus:233.8264.3")) line to intellij block of build.gradle.kts. and `<depends>org.jetbrains.plugins.stylus</depends>`  to plugin.xml. If to try to build the project, it will be 

Plugin 'org.jetbrains.plugins.stylus:233.8264.3' is not compatible to: IC-231.8109.175

error and same for five last versions of Stylus plugin.

Into what `IC-231.8109.175` referring?

If you need to check my source, I have pushed the newest code to my repository.


You must use the version of Stylus plugin that is compatible with your plugin's compatibility (since/until-build).


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