In-Editor Results Toolbar Stuck On Side

Hey everyone,

I just updated to 2023.2 and I'm having an issue in my In-Editor Results panes.  The toolbar is stuck on the side, before it was on the top.  I tried looking through the documentation and settings but I couldn't find how to set it back.  This is having an impact on my productivity.  Is there a way to set the toolbar back to the top like how it was in 2023.1?

Thank you!

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your feedback.

In-line editor toolbar customization is not available yet, but we have created a feature request: 

Please upvote so it can get more attention.

Came here looking for the same thing.  Are there any JetBrains resources explaining the rationale behind this change, or what the benefits are?  I have reverted DataGrip back to 2023.1 due to usability issues with the new toolbar, and am putting up with it in PhpStorm for now.  I'm a little confused on how the new results viewer is supposed to be an improvement.


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