Is there any mechanism for making multiple actions with a single click or project macros?

For example after a PR is merged and I'm on my now stale/merged/feature branch that was just merged to main, I want to:

  1. git checkout main
  2. git pull

Or another example would be while working on a feature branch

  1. // somehow store the $CURRENT_BRANCH I am on temporarily, e.g. [feature/TIK-345-add-widget-to-dashboard]
  2. git commit -m "WIP to keep up to date with latest main"
  3. git checkout main
  4. git pull
  5. git checkout $CURRENT_BRANCH
  6. git merge main

There doesn't seem to be a way, or I don't know the name of the feature to search in docs, as `macros` are for edits in a file.

TIA - cheers

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Not sure if it is possible to automate these actions in a single click but I just wanted to notice that macros are not only for the code editing -- other IDE actions are being recorded as well, for example (the list of actions is pretty random but nonetheless):


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