Creating Patches without SVN on Test-Base and applying them to Target FTP

Hi all,

I have a copy of my productive website as a development website online, of which I have an exact 1:1 copy on my local machine. I have setup automatic FTP sync, so that I do the edits on my local filesystem and upon Saving a file, it gets automatically uploaded to the development FTP.

What I wanna do, without the need of installing an SVN first, is the following: I want to record all the changes I did across the local filesystem and store them somewhere as patch-file. 

Later, when going live with these changes, I want to push those patches / changes to any target FTP, in that case my productive environment. So PHPStorm should check the single modified files of the target system and eihter apply the patch automatically (if it fits) or suggest me on how to merge my patch into the existing file.

Is it somehow possible?

Thanks a lot!

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Unfortunately, it's not possible. Even if you had a VCS in use in your project, uploading from the VCS log isn't supported: WI-421
Another option would've been to utilize the Changed Files scope, but it also has an issue: WI-73527

If the local project copy is equal to the remote project plus changes, you can use Tools | Deployment | Sync with Deployed to to only copy the changes.


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