I need my native window decoration back (Kubuntu 23.04 & Plasma)

Hi all,

after upgrading to PhpStom 23.2 I noticed that is uses a custom window decorator. Is it possible to have the native one back? How it is now, it breaks my desktop. In particular, the window has no border whatsoever, and does not obey to desktop effect rules: I use windows shadows a lot to help me to see where one window ends, but this custom window does not have any shadow.

Is there a setting somewhere to revert back to the native window decorator? This happens in both X and Wayland.

This is how it looks: Upload id: 2023_08_09_ZLrSDHPsBJoQKGT69yR2Ka (file: 2023-08-09_08-50.png)

The Settings dialog for example uses a standard native window and this is how it looks compared to the main window.




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