Gutter (separator, numbers column) in New UI is similar to 4 indents in terms of size and color

Hi. Usually I disable all the unnecessary for me functionality such as gutter icons, line numbers or code folding. But the layout of the app is still confusing since gutter is not changing it's size. It looks like this. Notice the gutter:

... and here it is:

First of all, it takes about 5% of the screen width for nothing (2×36px). And it also feels kinda annoying to have a big pillar in the middle of a screen 😅

Secondly, it is confusing, because it looks like a part of editor tab, but nothing happens when I click on it to start typing.

For the reference, this is how it looks in the original UI:

I still need to turn on code folding here to have the right border on the gutter, but it looks significantly better and smaller

So... can I force gutter to be 1px wide? And from the whole app perspective maybe it should change width to fit what's inside?

Many thanks!



Hi Tony,
Do you use Compact Mode? If yes, then please upvote It is likely to be implemented soon.
Otherwise, I will file a new feature request. 


I didn't switch to new UI but if someday i'll do that I'll be using compact mode. For now, issues like this one are deal breaker.

And to be honest it is a big disappointment that JetBrains choose appearance over usability.

Anyway, checking both modes now I can say the problem persists in both compact and default mode.


Upvoted. But I don't think the problem is related to the mode. It is similar to both mode. Same happens even in Fleet ide preview.

Also it doesn't look like the same issue. That one was more about spacing. Maybe it worth another ticket: Gutter width can't be changed to 1px, even when empty.


In a meanwhile, maybe there is a hack to get of the of gutter? Maybe I can force it's width to be 1px in a config files or something? No matter how dirty this hack is.


I have created a ticket Unfortunately, there are no workarounds at the moment. 

We would appreciate it if you also clarify where one can expect to see the breakpoints and bookmarks if the gutter is narrowed to 1px.



>>We would appreciate it if you also clarify where one can expect to see the breakpoints and bookmarks if the gutter is narrowed to 1px.

In my case, for example, I code HTML/CSS and there is no such thing as breakpoints.

As for bookmarks, to be honest, I didn't even know they exist until now. But anyway, we don't need 50px gutter for that. Original gutter width seems enough:

Even more: code folding arrows doesn't take any horizontal space, but it is still usable. Bookmarks could do the same on 1px wide gutter:

Thinking about other things in the gutter:
- Line numbers are needed once in a while when checking errors from linter.
- For git changes, I use another app and can preview them there before committing.


I understand in some cases people need a line numbers, breakpoints and git highlights at the same time. For this you may need a fluid width gutter.

On the other hands there are cases like mine where none of these are needed and in a meanwhile old behavior is broken. It used to be narrow 10px wide gutter highlighted by a different color:

But now it's mimicking to the part of text editing area. In this case it is better to get rid of gutter completely.


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