Hide Node.JS details during ouput

Hello, I'm trying to hide the path directory to Node.js in the output view, as I did in VS Code. 
I've tried to play around in the settings but can't find a way to do the same on Webstorm. Any advice, please?

I'm very new to WebStorm.



Hi there,

Hmm... I may suggest you to try the Grep Console plugin. It allows highlighting lines where certain text is present. It also allows filtering out lines... which should do what you are after (NOTE: this applies to all lines, not just lines 1-xx only).

The plugin should work in such a window (works when executing PHP scripts so should work for node scripts as well).


Hi, thank you for the reply. 
I've installed the plugin, but I am unsure of what I should look for in the Grep console plugin to remove lines on items 1 & 2 (see attached).



Look at the top right side -- the "Filtering" section where you have 2 entries with the default ".*unwanted line.*" pattern -- use your own RegEx instead of that `.*unwanted line.*.


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