Building Blender with CLion - help needed


I am trying to build blender with CLion and I am nearly there, but not quite, and I am not well versed enough to figure out what is wrong, so I am asking here for some help.

Blender - the Open source 3d app, uses CMake and has a makefile wrapper and the build commands are quite straight forward from the command line, but maybe the project layout is a bit unusual.

so, from the guide on blender , one should 
mkdir ~/blender-git
cd ~/blender-git
git clone
cd blender
make update

the make update creates platform-specific subfolder, in my case on mac build_darwin
this makes the folder structure

When running make from blender-git/blender it successfully builds the application, and if I load
blender-git/blender/GNUMakefile in CLion , I am able to successfully build it, but I have not been
able to create any run configurations that can build & run / build & debug.

Probably someone a bit more experienced with CLion and build systems can make this work, it seems it is almost working. 

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I tried opening the Blender project on my side (macOS, CLion 2023.2.1). In Terminal, I cloned and then executed `make update` in the "blender” directory. As a result of `make update`, the additional “lib” directory was created next to the “blender” directory:

Then on the Welcome screen of CLion I selected `Open`, chose the “blender” directory, and selected to open it as a CMake project:

When the project was loaded (see the CMake tool window), lots of “CMake Application” run/debug configurations were created automatically:

These configurations can be used for building/running/debugging.

Have you tried opening the Blender project as a CMake project in CLion? To try this, you need to close the project in CLion (File | Close Project), remove the “.idea” subdirectory from the “blender” directory, and then open the project as a CMake project in CLion.


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