Weird symbol at the end of line "&#10" ?


I'm having s strange issue. I've started a new Drupal project (working on a custom Tailwind theme) but for some reason every time I hit save the editor ads a blank line, which is later changed into the symbol below


and my tailwind build process breaks. It also happens after I've edited gitignore file, I got the line changed to this:


First time I'm seeing this, don't have the issue with any Laravel projects - not sure if this is some sort of Drupal setting or what?

I ended up editing the files in Sublime Text :-(


If you can comment there in that ticket (comment with a link awaits moderation approval) so the devs can reproduce it.

Current workaround

Navigate to "Settings/Preferences | Editor | Code Style", choose System-dependent from the Line separator dropdown once again (even if it's already chosen), and click OK.


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