What happened to the debug feature (button) in IntelliJ "force step into" ?


I no longer see the "force step into" button in the IntelliJ debugger.  I am no longer able to step into Swing's libraries methods, only methods from Swing libraries which I've overridden. 


IDE version- 231.9225..16 Jul 12 2023


See https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-299530.

You can customize the toolbar to get it back.



Force Return  but no Force Step Into in the customize menu. 


EDIT- it's not in the list that appears when you right click on the debug menu bar. You have to go to "add actions" (plus icon) at the top of the dialog which appears when you rt click and then search for it using the search facility there. 



Yeah I posted an EDIT on my own post with the same info thanks ! 


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