Python.exe and Projects are not in the same folder.

I have unfortunately a problem with the Python interpreter. My file is in the PyCharm project folder and my Python.exe is in AppData\Python folder. So both are not in the same folder. When I start my file, it shows me that it is not present in the interpreter where the Python.exe is located. Because it is in the Pycharm project folder. What is the solution here so that I can start my program? Please help!
Thanks and LG 


Could you please take some screenshots of this problem and attach them to the thread? Also, please upload your idea.log (Help | Show Logs in...) here: and tell us the upload ID.


I think I need to change the location, don't you? 


I have carried out everything. I think that part is wrong. C:\Users\lukas\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311\python.exe

Because the file Master thesis is there.  C:\Users\z00495ju\PycharmProjects\\pythonProject\ How can I change this so that Python searches at the location of the file Masterarbeit?

Please open Run Configuration (Run | Edit Configurations...) for this file and check the paths to the script. 
Also, please try upgrading PyCharm to the latest.

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