WebStorm 2023.2 - space is selecting item from suggestions/completion menu, even though the option is turned off

Starting from 2023.2, space key selects the first preselected option in the suggestions menu, event though "Insert selected suggestions by pressing space, dot, or other context-dependent keys" is turned off. What other option should I disable? This hasn't happened prior to this update and it is driving me nuts. for example, in the image below, space will select the `void` option, which really interferes with writing code.


Do you open the completion popup explicitly by typing Ctrl+space? It doesn't auto-popup for me when entering code like yours

Insert selected suggestion by pressing space, dot, etc is always ON for explicit calls. When completion is opened via Ctrl+space, typing =, ;, ., etc., inserts pre-selected variant, completing the statement: typing equal sing creates an assignment, with cursor placed after = so that you can immediately start entering a value, semicolon completes a statement, etc.
If you don't like this feature, use enter or tab to insert selected variant, and then type whatever you like.


Hi Elena Pogorelova, it pops up automatically as I type. 


Unfortunately I failed to reproduce the issue

Could you please try restoring the default IDE settings and see if the problem persists? To restore IDE's settings, go to File | Manage IDE Settings | Restore Default Settings....
A confirmation popup with a path to the backup file of your settings will be displayed. Make a note of this, as you'll be able to restore your settings from this backup file later.
To restore your settings, please choose File | Manage IDE Settings | Import Settings, specify a path to the backup directory, and click Open.
If you can’t find the path to the backup file, please check this article: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm/configuring-project-and-ide-settings.html#restore-defaults in our help. It has a list of paths to the backup directories for each OS.


OK so restoring default IDE settings fixed that issue (it's not popping up when I write anymore). Also the IDE seems to respond a lot quicker now :) However, getting back to my custom settings will be a long journey - is there a way to easily compare changes from the backup file that was created for me when restoring the settings to default?


There is no way to do this unfortunately

The issue can be caused by a custom plugin. After restoring your settings please try to disable all the custom plugins you've installed and check if there are still issues. To do this, please open Settings | Plugins, click the gear icon, and select Disable all Downloaded Plugins.

You can re-enable all the plugins again later with the Enable all Downloaded Plugins option


Finally figured it out, it was a stupid custom keyboard shortcut i was using 🤯
Thanks a lot for all your help!


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