If you delete the package.json, WebStorm works





I've used WebStorm for projects in the past without any issues.

However, only this current project exhibits this strange behavior.

I'm not sure why.

There's no meaningful information in the package.json.

But, astonishingly, WebStorm operates when I delete it.

This is a consistent behavior.

I've checked and configured everything, including clearing the cache, the Vue plugin, and the .idea folder, but nothing else seems to work.

Please provide me with a solution.


his is a known limitation - Vue project recognition stops working if the project name in package.json is equal to vue package name; renaming it to anything else should help:

"name": "myVueApp",

The vue app name violates the package name guidelines as it's not unique and is already owned by a different package, so you will have to change it anyway should you decide to publish your package or use it as a dependency for other apps


thank you.

It's working properly.


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