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I can move back and forward in goland using the ⌘+[ and ⌘+]. However, when I'm working with split windows, I click on some code explain using ⌘+click in the left window and do the same for some other code in the right window. Now, when the left window is active and I press ⌘+[, it goes back in right window and not in left window. Window specific going back was possible when I was using nvim, how can I achieve same in goland ? 



What version of GoLand are you using? I've tried to reproduce it on 2023.2 and both split windows are available to get back to the previous position.

If possible please upload a small screencast with the exact steps to reproduce on and share the ID.



I think the wording in my question was not clear. I'm able to go back and forward in Goland but behaviour is not expected. 

Let me give an example, Two split windows, A and B. 

1. I go forward in screen A. (using ⌘+click) 

2. I go forward in screen B (using ⌘+click) 

3. I activate screen A by clicking on it. 

4. I press navigate back (using ⌘+[ ) -> Screen B gets activated 

5. I press navigate back again (using ⌘+[) -> I get back to previous position in screen B 


Expected behaviour

In the step 4 above, cursor moves to screen B on pressing ⌘+[, I want to go on the previous position in screen A only. I'm using  2023.2 goland



Thanks for the detailed steps.

Unfortunately, it is not implemented yet.

Feel free to follow IDEA-274103.


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