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I like the new UI generally but I would like to get a bit more contrast between different windows:

I would like the database explorer to be generally a bit darker as well as the outline of the services tab. Is that possible?




Could you please clarify - do you need grey color like in Project/Database tree tool window?


The grey you see in the picture was darker, which provided better contrast and accessibility. When everything is similar, it's much harder on the eyes . 


I also noticed that the new UI changed my coding colour style, why is that?


We have related request on YouTrack: Please vote for it and follow for updates.

> I also noticed that the new UI changed my coding colour style, why is that?

Could you please clarify what was changed?


My code styling. I had changed it for MySQL, Snowflake and other dialects and now they're different 

I never use italics in SQL in my life : ]


I check with old UI and previous version - in both cases italics is used for "Procedure or Function" in "Settings/Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | SQL"


But I had my own settings for styling SQL and now they're gone.


Also, why isn't there a maximise button for setting window?


Looks like the Settings sync didn't sync my code settings with the new version


Reverting to the old UI brings back my coding style, here is the same code as above:


What IDE version do you use?


Until yesterday's update I used 2023.2.1 #DB-232.9559.28


Issue should be already fixed in that version. Could you please try to sync your settings again.


I have all settings selected for sync:

Last sync one minute ago:

My code styles have not been applied:


Hello Dawid. Do I understand you correctly that the style you set up is applied correctly in the classic UI and does not in the new UI? Also, please, specify which exact settings you mean: Code Style settings (tabs and indents, alignment, wraps, and so on) or Color Scheme settings (fonts, colors, italic and bold)?

Please, note that you can check the files that were synchronized in the Settings Sync History toolwindow (you can find it via the Search Everywhere). Also, if you see that these settings were successfully synchronized, I'd recommend you check the IDE configuration directory - if the settings were copied here correctly, there could be an issue on the IDE side when the settings are not applied to your code. 

I can also do it for you. To determine what exactly went wrong in your case, I need the IDE logs ( Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data ) that could contain related errors and the archived IDE configuration directory - to check the cases I mentioned above. You can share this via the JetBrains Uploads service and write here the ID you receive.


Actually, I realised that Settings Sync was not enabled after changing the UI. When trying to do that I get this:

I can't delete this file as then I get a different error. 


On another topic, can I change the colour of these, since I am in the Light UI I would prefer everything to match?


Sync failed. Cannot lock …” is a known error addressed in

What error do you get if you delete the file?


To have the title bar and toolbar be lighter, you can try a different UI theme - either ‘Light with Light Header’ or ‘IntelliJ Light’:

`IntelliJ Light` theme also provides a little bit more contrast between the toolwindows.

You can also enable the option to alternate row colors for the data grid to make the contents (arguably) more readable:

If you want more options and colors, check out third-party UI themes and editor color schemes for JetBrains IDEs on our Marketplace:


This is the error I'm getting if I remove the lock file:

Sync failed. Could not lock HEAD. RefUpdate return code was: LOCK_FAILURE


Thanks. See if it helps to:

  1. Disable Settings Sync in the settings and close the IDE;
  2. Delete the folder called settingsSync inside the IDE configuration directory;
  3. Launch the IDE and enable Settings Sync back.

If it doesn't, please upload the entire idea.log file to and share the generated upload id here. 
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