Pin Search Everywhere / Run Anything

I'm curious if there's a method to "pin" the Search Everywhere and Run Anything windows to the main IDE window, similar to how the command palette behaves by default in editors like VS Code or Sublime Text.

Here's the scenario: Let's say I open Run Anything in WebStorm on my laptop; it pops up perfectly centered, which is fantastic. However, when I connect to an ultra-wide monitor, arrange WebStorm to the right side of my screen, and then open the Run Anything window again, it still centers itself, but it aligns with the screen/last position rather than the IDE window - which is incredibly annoying.

(I use Webstorm as example here, but I assume it applies to all JetBrains IDEs)

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I created a feature request IDEA-330479. However, this feature should not be a default behavior, because this is not what our users are used to. 


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