File Resolve Modes not working?

I've tried to understand what Resolve Modes are for.

My tl;dr: Playground checks statements individually against the schema, Script mode checks them "in sequence".

However, I either got it all wrong or it isn't working:

In my schema, I have a table A. 

And I added the following into my console window (set to Manual TX, without me executing anything, and with the connection set to R/O as a precaution):


Now, I would have expected IntelliJ to highlight the A in the second line when in Script mode, but not in Playground mode - but there is no visual difference in either. What am I misunderstanding?

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Having read the section in the DataGrip docs again ( I think the only difference is if the USE statement is taken into account. It not highlighting the A in the second statement is more an issue of extrapolative highlighting not working as I'd expect it to work. But as the schema doesn't change, it should behave the same in both modes, I guess...?


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