How to Change "Always Select Opened File" Background Color in WebStorm?

Hello everyone,

I am currently using WebStorm version 2023.2.1 on macOS. I have the "One Dark Vivid Italic" theme applied.

I've noticed that the background color for the "Always Select Opened File" feature is leaning towards a gray shade which makes it slightly difficult for me to discern.

Is there a way to customize this specific color?
If anyone has any insights or steps on how to modify it, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you in advance!



If you refer to this color

unfortunately the answer is negative. OneDark theme author chose not to make it open-source. Therefore, it is impossible to change this particular color, leaving the rest of the colors the same. This particular color is configured by means of the theme, not by the means of the settings.

If you refer to some different color, please send a clarification screenshot. 


Hi Nadia,

Thank you for the swift response. I greatly appreciate the clarification you provided; it's been very helpful.

On a side note, I'd like to further inquire: Is this limitation specific to the OneDark theme only, or is it something consistent across other themes or even other WebStorm-related products? In other words, is there no current functionality to modify the "select open file" color for any theme in WebStorm?

Thanks again for your assistance.


Hi Howard,

The answer to your question depends on what theme you tried to edit. If it's JetBrains “Light” or “Dark” theme, then your custom theme plugin will take all values not specified explicitly from that theme, so the answer is positive.

If the theme author chose to make the theme open-source, then you can download the theme sources and edit that theme in any way. 

Otherwise, there is no recommended way to edit a custom theme for IntelliJ IDEA and other IntelliJ platform-based apps.


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