What's needed to get xdebug working with remote development over SSH?

Everything was working when PHPStorm was installed on our test server. Due to a Laque of resourses (memory) on the server PHPStorm was moved to my workstation. Now, for the life of me I cannot get xdebug working again.  If this is even possible, what is the difference in setup between xdebug with a standard project and xdebug with SSH remote development?

My only goal was to have everything working without needing to setup a local git repository on my workstation. please correct me If there is a better way to go about this. I'm still relatively new to PHPStorm.

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What you need is:

1. A deployment configuration that would copy the sources back and forth between your local project and the remote server

2. An SSH tunnel to get the Xdebug connection from the remote server to your local machine


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