Plugin ID specified in plugin.xml should not contain 'intellij'


I tried to ask the question in a somewhat related post, but I should probably create a new one.

With IntelliJ IDEA 2023.2.1, I got the following warning:

Plugin ID specified in plugin.xml should not contain 'intellij'

My plugin ID is it.czerwinski.intellij.wavefront, and it has been so since 2020 without any issues. It does not start with com.intellij, it does not imply that the plugin was developed by JetBrains. It simply groups my plugins for IntelliJ IDE together (currently only this one, but it's just a matter of packages structure organisation).

According to this post the documentation, I cannot change plugin ID:

Make sure to pick a stable ID, as the value cannot be changed between the plugin versions.

However, there is no mention in the documentation that there should be no intellij in the plugin ID.

Is there a risk that further updates to my plugin will be rejected? Will I need to delete the plugin and upload another one with different ID?

I would rather avoid changing plugin ID at this point, as this change wouldn't be seamless to the users.


This is a new check that was introduced recently, you can disregard it for your _existing_ plugin. Indeed, you should never change the plugin ID.


Yann Cebron  if I will publish new verison plugin, Do I must change the plugin id and remove ‘intellij’ from plugin id filed?


Simon Jiang, You don't change the ID. If it's an existing plugin, you should keep your ID and it will be approved.


If it's not an issue for existing plugins, can the marketplace stop sending emails saying that all of my plugins have configuration issues due to the ID? It's just distracting from actual issues that are possible to fix.


Daniel Chýlek We're working on suppressing these notifications for existing plugins, sorry for the noise.


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