WebStorm no longer opens reliably post Toolbox upgrade

When I try to open WebStorm 2023.2.1 from your cursed Toolbox App (JetBrains Toolbox, macOS 12.6.8) it appears briefly in the App Switcher but then disappears. PyCharm and RubyMine work but these are not the “productivity” apps I need. I paid to be able to use them all.


Cab you launch Webstorm directly, i.e. not through Toolbox?

Please share the ~/Library/Logs/JetBrains/WebStorm2023.2 folder content after reproducing the issue


I haven't gone searching for the executables; they aren't where they were before your recent reorganization and I don't understand why they don't appear in Recent Items.

WebStorm will not launch directly and attempting to launch it creates no new logfiles; the most recent one is from 24 August.

On a different topic, why aren't the `~/Library/Logs/JetBrains/` directories removed when the versions are removed? I have log directories going back to 2020.



Please try starting the IDE from the command line (browse to the webstorm executable in Finder, in the context menu choose Open With, Terminal)? What is written to console?


I uninstalled/reinstalled WebStorm and it seems to be working for now. This can be closed.


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