Webstorm doesn't work after updagrade MacOS Sonoma (infinity scaning)

Subject: Technical Issue Report - WebStorm Not Functioning Properly After macOS Sonoma Update

Dear JetBrains,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention a critical technical issue I have encountered following the recent upgrade of my macOS to the Sonoma version. The problem revolves around the malfunctioning of my WebStorm IDE, impeding my work processes.

Upon the completion of the macOS Sonoma update, I noticed that my WebStorm IDE ceased to function entirely. To address this issue, I took the initiative to reinstall WebStorm in an attempt to rectify any potential software discrepancies. However, this course of action led to a persistent and troublesome situation wherein the software became ensnared in an infinite loop of scanning and indexing files. As a consequence, I am unable to engage in any productive work within the IDE.

I understand the importance of efficient technical support in addressing such challenges. Therefore, I kindly request your expert assistance in diagnosing and resolving this issue. Given the integral role WebStorm plays in my professional undertakings, its seamless operation is of utmost importance.

For your reference, I am providing the following details:

  • macOS Version: Sonoma 14.0
  • WebStorm Version: 2023.2.1
  • Actions Taken: Reinstallation of WebStorm
  • Specific Issue: Infinite scanning and indexing loop upon opening WebStorm

I am committed to collaborating fully in any troubleshooting processes required to restore the functionality of WebStorm. Your guidance in navigating this technical predicament would be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to reach out to me via this email address or directly at ihorbazyliuk@gmail.com at your earliest convenience. Your prompt attention to this matter is eagerly anticipated.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.




I am sorry to hear about the problems you have been facing with WebStorm IDE. I understand your

frustration, and I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.


Please try deleting the ~/Library/Caches/JetBrains/WebStorm2023.2 - does the issue persist? If yes,please share the 

 log folder zipped (Help > Collect logs and Diagnostic Data) within a support ticket


The issue resolved itself the following day when I started my MacBook and opened WebStorm. After waiting for approximately 30 minutes, everything started functioning properly


The issue still reproduce 
I did what you wrote but it didn't help me (


please share the log folder zipped (Help > Collect logs and Diagnostic Data) within a support ticket


Any movement on this issue, Elena?  I'm waiting to update to Sonoma, but I need WebStorm to be functional.


Did you create a support ticket as I suggested above?


I did not create a support ticket, because I won't update to Sonoma until whatever's breaking WebStorm is fixed.  How can I just get the current status of fixing this problem, so I have an idea (hopefully) when I'll be able to update to Sonoma?



Without the logs and other debugging info, it's not clear what is wrong. So we have no chance to fix the problem


I understand.  I will upgrade and see what happens.  Thanks.


Webstorm also stopped working for me after the MacOS update. It's just hanged at scanning files to index


Homies please share the log folder zipped (Help > Collect logs and Diagnostic Data) within a support ticket


i change node versions via nvm 2 times, and problems disappeared, maybe it helps


I have the same issue since MacOS update to Sonoma  : stuck in scanning files to index, with an older version of webstorm (2022.x don't remember exactly) and also with the last version (2023.2.2). I tryed to “Collect logs and diagnostic data” but this is also blocked while “collecting logs”).

What should I do ? Any news about this?


It's working for me now. All I did was remove the cache and let it index the files for three hours. When I open it it still scans but doesn't block me from working. 


Thank you for your answers.

Elena Pogorelova I can't get anything with “Help > Collect logs and Diagnostic Data”  as it get stuck in collecting logs, it is too busy scanning files to index. Is it ok if I send the idea.log file ?

Homies I remove the cache, but I haven't waited for three hours yet, I being patient, thank you.


Just the idea.log is likely not enough, please could you zip the whole log directory? see https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm/directories-used-by-the-ide-to-store-settings-caches-plugins-and-logs.html#logs-directory for information about logs folder location


Hello everyone. We managed to get around the above problem in the following way: using the 'Toolbox', install WebStorm version 2022.2.5. Then we work in it, !!! we do not launch the already installed project !!!, but simply reinstall the desired project and then work with it as usual. Thus, we get around the problem of indexing a large amount of data and, accordingly, freezing.


does removing the .idea folder from current projects fix the macOS Sonoma issue? still waiting for a clear solution before upgrading.


For me, removing .idea folder, or clear the caches doesn't solve the problem. However, I can use webstorm, by regularly deleting my dependencies folder (and install them again) and my build project folder, because after a while, it doesn't work anymore, the ide doesn't find some files anymore. 


Marion Casters Which version of Webstorm are you using?


After upgrading to sonoma 14.1.2 today, I'm also experiencing this issue, constantly scanning dependence, stuck on the whole project, already uploaded logs #5830478


Same thing happening in PhpStorm :

Upgraded to OSX sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71) this morning.

Updated to PhpStorm : 2023.3.2 after constant crashing.

This latest version is marginally better as it doesn't crash the system, the PhpStorm loading screen remains for quite some time then finally disappears. My current project gets stuck on “Scanning file to index” - I've tried invalidating caches and uninstalling 3rd party extensions but nothing changes. If I try loading another “simpler” project the window just remains blank.

Machine : MacBookPro16,1

2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 6 cœurs

AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 Go

Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 Mo

32 Go 2667 MHz DDR4


Hi, thank's for your quick reply.

I submitted a support request with the requested log files : Request #5950501

PhpStorm has become unusable.


Hi Folks,

In one of the recent tickets, we have managed to find out (thanks to the reporter!) that a constant infinite indexing was caused by the iCloud sync process happened in the background with the project files. It could be an issue especially after the macOS fresh update installation, so we would recommend checking if “fileproviderd” is processing any files at the moment.

As soon as sync is finished (it could take time), the issue is not reproducible anymore.

It is a good suggestion in general to check if any other processes are touching IDE project files and backup/sync software is the something that you should pay attention to. For instance, there is a known issue with OneDrive:

Hope it helps!


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