best local versioning system


i am most of the time working alone, not needing/wanting to go through the hassle of having to commit on git or equivalent. As Jetbrains do not advise to use local history extensively i am wondering what VCS system would be adapted to my use. Or is it possible to automaticaly commit all changes on git ?

Thanks for your advice/help


Collaboration is just an added bonus in version control systems, the rest of features are equally useful no matter the team size. And Git essentially became the de-facto system.

If you think of commiting changes manually as a hassle, then I reckon you aren't looking for version control but for backups. I have an external SSD drive for that and I use whatever software is available for my OS and suits my specific needs (in my personal Windows computer I use Macrium Reflect Free to copy the full disk image and in my work Linux laptop I use the backup utility that comes with the distro, which is a UI for "bup").

My advice would be to have both, version control and backups.



Thanks for your feedback Alvaro,

i mostly agree with you, i also have a backup system, but my point is that i really enjoy the local history workflow - i very often go back and forth between multiple small changes between code history - it is so quick compared with pushing/pulling commits. But i understand it may not be the most sturdy way to manage code.


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