Toolbar in Tool Window


I would to add a toolbar to my toolwindow. I would like to obtain a toolbar, as it appears here: . This toolbar should contains buttons, combobox and other controls.

I first of all tried building an ActionToolBar, by creating a group of actions and then building the toolbar from there. My problem with that is that I can only insert actions which are represented as buttons. I have no way to get a combobox or other controls. So the ActionToolBar does not seem to work for me.

I therefore tried to use a JToolBar instead. There I can add the controls I want but the look and feel is completely different:

So I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Should I use an ActionToolBar? If so, how can I add controls different from buttons?
Should I use a JToolBar? If so, how can I obtain a toolbar that looks like the other toolbars within IntelliJ?
Should I use another solution? If so, do you jave any pointers?


Hi Federico,

I suggest using ActionToolbar, so your original idea. For the combo box item implement ComboBoxAction.


Thank you Karol, that worked great!


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