SQL Stored procedure opening about 25 results tabs. How to show in one window

Hello.  As the Title Says, my results show in tabs like Result 2-1-31, 2-1-33, 2-1-34, 2-1-35, etc when I run a stored procedure with multiple queries.  I do not have ‘Open Results in new tab’ selected in Database > Query Execution.


Is there a way to show all of my results in one window?


Hi Bmatthews  

Please ensure you have Open results in new tab checkbox turned off


Thank you.  It looks like that option is already turned off:

This is what my results screen currently looks like:

Thanks for the update.

Do you execute the stored procedure from the console or by right-clicking the stored procedure object from the Database Explorer and selecting Execute? What's your current IDE version? Please provide screenshots of the executed procedure and the split result set you're getting in the output

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