tabs/spaces constantly get autocorrected/removed

Hi guys,
Every time I hit tab or space, pycharm adds the tab/space and then removes it again.
It seems some out of control code-formatter and it driving me nuts.
I use(d) black on py files, disabled that and it didn't change anything.
It does it in every file type, from py to yml to svelte to j2 to Dockerflie and json.

Anyone know how I can turn this of, it makes coding impossible

Hi, please check Black formatter settings in **Preferences | Tools | Black**, make sure it's disabled. Also, check **Preferences | Tools | File Watchers** if you have any watchers enabled.

Another possibility is **Preferences | Tools | Actions on Save** in combination with a low auto-save interval in **Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings**, e.g. if it's set to 1 second, but that's a long shot.

If nothing helps, you can try resetting PyCharm to the default settings.

To restore default settings, you can use **File | Manage IDE settings | Restore Default Settings...**. Your current settings will be backed up, so you can revert to them later if needed (to do this, just import settings from the backed up folder).

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Tried your suggestions, only resetting default settings seemed to help.
Guess I'll have to do that for every project I am working on.


The default setting are restored for the IDE. The project settings are stored in `.idea` in project root. If the issue persists in other projects, perhaps removing `.idea` should be enough.

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