The content of the quick documentation during mouse-over is different

Hi, I'm a novice Python leaner.

I would like someone help me solve the issue.

When I hover my mouse cursor on the code below, the documentation should explain popitem in detail.  

However, in my environment, (c)typing.MutableMapping appears in the top of quick reference without any reference of popitem.  This URL `popitem(self)` on is at the end of it, and it should be the lint to the related part of the tutorial, however, when I click the link, the help related to “typing” opens, not popitem.  I confirmed that  “Show quick documentation on hover” in Code Editor window under preference is checked.   In the Python interpreter wihdow, “Python 3.11(PythonProject)” is selected as Python Interpreter, and the latest version of packages, pip, setuptools, and wheel are installed.  It would be great help if you share your knowledge.


  dic = {'key1': 100, 'key2': 500}


My environment is as follows.

m1 macbook air

Python 3.11.5

Latest version of Pycharm for m1 tip installed


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